Monday, May 16, 2016

What are the Best Things to Avoid at Your Wedding?


So you’re going to be married? Congratulations!

This is a joyful time, an occasion you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. And right now you are with Mr. Right and the whole event is, at last, all coming together. 

You may desire a gorgeous wedding venue.

A great reception.

Wonderful weather.

However, what about some items you may not want?

We questioned prominent Adelaide Wedding Celebrant Christopher Steele for some suggestions.

Chris had been more than forthcoming – he volunteered a couple of good guidelines of things to stay away from. Here’s what he suggested:

Don’t hesitate to cut your wedding guest list down to size. When you invite too many guests, the reception will cost a lot of money. So cut off neighborhood friends, other ring-ins and third cousins your mum might insist on. After all, it is your wedding, not Mum's.

Secondly, do not try to include a lot of glitz and glamour. While some accessories add a great touch of atmosphere to your wedding event, too many will produce a messy effect. And of course, your wedding guests are interested to see both of you, not the decorations.

One more concern is chairs. Chris described that most weddings nowadays only last for around thirty minutes. So even though some unwell or older guests may need a chair, the majority will happily manage with no chairs, so they're usually unnecessary. 
Take a while to determine just precisely how many chairs you really need.

In the end, perhaps reconsider the participation of pets or very young kids.

Some marrying couples believe it might be wonderful, or cute, to have their 2 year old child bring the rings down the aisle. Well it could work…but not every time. Often, the 2 year old will unexpectedly need to cling to his/her mother for the entire remainder of the wedding, which might not result in the kind of photographs you had hoped for. 


When it comes to animals, well, as the great film director once stated, never work with pets or children! The image possibilities and the fun and cuteness may all seem good in theory, but in practise, sometimes it can go wrong. Chris strongly recommends a reconsideration of including animals in your wedding


In conclusion, it should be mentioned that after all, it is your marriage. So if you would like to overlook any of these guidelines, it’s ok. It will not wreck your ceremony! 
However,please at least give the matters some thought.

If you are looking for an unforgettable wedding ceremony, consider booking Christopher Steele. He is very popular because he makes every wedding a very relaxing and happy event, for both of you and your guests. We recommend you get in contact with Chris as soon as possible as he can become booked out a long way in advance.

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