Monday, May 16, 2016

What are the Best Things to Avoid at Your Wedding?


So you’re going to be married? Congratulations!

This is a joyful time, an occasion you’ve been dreaming about your entire life. And right now you are with Mr. Right and the whole event is, at last, all coming together. 

You may desire a gorgeous wedding venue.

A great reception.

Wonderful weather.

However, what about some items you may not want?

We questioned prominent Adelaide Wedding Celebrant Christopher Steele for some suggestions.

Chris had been more than forthcoming – he volunteered a couple of good guidelines of things to stay away from. Here’s what he suggested:

Don’t hesitate to cut your wedding guest list down to size. When you invite too many guests, the reception will cost a lot of money. So cut off neighborhood friends, other ring-ins and third cousins your mum might insist on. After all, it is your wedding, not Mum's.

Secondly, do not try to include a lot of glitz and glamour. While some accessories add a great touch of atmosphere to your wedding event, too many will produce a messy effect. And of course, your wedding guests are interested to see both of you, not the decorations.

One more concern is chairs. Chris described that most weddings nowadays only last for around thirty minutes. So even though some unwell or older guests may need a chair, the majority will happily manage with no chairs, so they're usually unnecessary. 
Take a while to determine just precisely how many chairs you really need.

In the end, perhaps reconsider the participation of pets or very young kids.

Some marrying couples believe it might be wonderful, or cute, to have their 2 year old child bring the rings down the aisle. Well it could work…but not every time. Often, the 2 year old will unexpectedly need to cling to his/her mother for the entire remainder of the wedding, which might not result in the kind of photographs you had hoped for. 


When it comes to animals, well, as the great film director once stated, never work with pets or children! The image possibilities and the fun and cuteness may all seem good in theory, but in practise, sometimes it can go wrong. Chris strongly recommends a reconsideration of including animals in your wedding


In conclusion, it should be mentioned that after all, it is your marriage. So if you would like to overlook any of these guidelines, it’s ok. It will not wreck your ceremony! 
However,please at least give the matters some thought.

If you are looking for an unforgettable wedding ceremony, consider booking Christopher Steele. He is very popular because he makes every wedding a very relaxing and happy event, for both of you and your guests. We recommend you get in contact with Chris as soon as possible as he can become booked out a long way in advance.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Best Way to Elope

Reduce All the Expenses and Pressures of a Conventional Wedding

Probably you have been preparing for your marriage for a long time. With no costs spared, you could enjoy the best of everything. An extravagant reception, including a multi-course dinner, bottles of wine, a Disk Jockey or live music, a professional photographer, limo hiring, a gorgeous wedding gown, the men clothed in complete suits, wonderful flowers… the list is never ending. And if you seriously go nuts, the expense could lead to the tens of thousands.That type of financial stress is intense for everybody!


It’s not surprising that many couples think of eloping.Or possibly you may just belong to an increasing crowd of people who would never consider putting on a full-scale production for their marriage. All of your cash is already expended on everyday needs like cost of living, residing, loan or the expenses to raise kids.


You may possibly be in a rush to be married. Or perhaps you're thinking about a marriage ceremony abroad but could rather be “legally married” before you start, rather than suffer the difficulties of trying to have the documentation arranged in an overseas country.

The Best Way to Elope

Below are just 9 more factors why couples are opting for elopement:

1.         No need to amaze anybody with huge decorations which are all over in a single day

2.         You do not prefer being the focus of attention

3.         You don't need any extra anxiety in your life.

4.         You would rather use your money on a pleasing vacation or for a new home

5.         You must spend your income for more important issues, like family raising

6.         You have family abroad and you do not want to have just one partner's family at the wedding event.

7.         There is a cultural difference between your family and your other half’s family so leaving the mall out of your marriage ceremony will be the best method to avoid all that bother.

8.         You will have so much spare cash, you can toss a superb party for all your buddies in a more simple and stress-free scenario

9.         You are a quite private couple and just don't like any publicity


If you are one of the many who agree, that an elopement wedding sounds good (a little, basic, private marriage), you are not alone. It really makes effective financial sense.


So take a look at Simple Weddings.


Simple Weddings carry out weddings quickly, conveniently…and easily! You could get married in just 5 weeks, and just for $199 (of course it is Australia's best price).


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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Planning to Get Married in Thailand

Are you planning to get married in Thailand? Australian couples need to know:

Ohh, stunning Thailand!
Khao Lak, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, Lamai Beach, KohSamui

There are lots of awesome wedding places.
So romantic and so simple… But hold on!

When you are planning a wedding in beautiful Thailand, it is crucial to understand will happen if you do get married in Thailand.

So many legal procedures to manage!

If you really want a marriage which is properly recognized in Australia, then you have to realize that you'll spend four to five individual days in Bangkok, going to the embassy and submitting some legal forms.

The thing that couples are actually doing on the other hand, very sensibly, is getting “officially married” in Australia before their holiday in Thailand. Such newlyweds then have an unofficial (but gorgeous!) marriage ceremony in Thailand.

Planning to Get Married in Thailand

Have a look at some of the important procedures you must undertake, simply so you can “legally register” your marriage in Thailand and you will have clear understanding what we actually mean:

1. Go to the Australian Embassy in Thailand (located in Bangkok), make sure your travel document and passport is up-to-date and registered for a minimum 6 months. But first check out the public holidays of Thailand because The Australian Embassy… in fact all other Embassies in Thailand will undoubtedly be closed on those public holidays.

2. Ask for an “Affirmation of freedom to Marry” directly from the Australian embassy. This is the legal form which makes it obvious that you're lawfully able to get married. Mostly you’ll have to come back on the very next official day to collect this form. You will have to give your passport and evidence of cancellation of any former wedding, for example death certificate or divorce). Please note,photocopied papers will not be approved. So ensure you provide the original documents.

3. When you've got this “Affirmation of freedom to marry” form, you have to have a Thai translator. There are no embassies which provide you this support. The next thing you will need, is to manage, search and consult with a local translation firm who will charge you about $40 AUD to convert it into Thai.

4. The following step is to bring the "affirmation to marry" and its’ translated edition, to the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, close to the local airport in Bangkok (Available 8.30am to 2.30pm Monday-Friday). The MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) office will verify the credibility of these forms and give them back to you the very next day. You may post the forms alternately to Ministry office but…

5. When your papers are authenticated then you have to bring those documents to the “Amphur Office” (district Registrar) In Bangkok, this is also referred to as “Khet”. Considering the Thailand’s laws, your marriage only be lawfully valid once it has authorized at the Amphur Office. A religious wedding or civilized wedding ceremony isn't distinguished by the Thailand authorities. You'll only be lawfully wedded when you register in Amphur Office. It's strongly suggested that you take someone who's able to speak Thai. In fact, the wedding registration might be submitted at any Amphur or Minor District Office in Thailand, it does not need to be an Amphur in Bangkok. 

The foreign citizens who are getting married in Thailand need to deliver a photocopy of their passport and travel document with a verified affirmation (with qualified translation in Thai). If your spouse is a Thai citizen then they will need to provide their ID card and Household Certificates. 

When your wedding registration is finally finished, both you and your partner will get a copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate as confirmation.

6. Your Thai wedding certificate will definitely be in Thai, not in English. It's suggested that you receive a certified translation of your wedding certificate from a translation company so that it will be accepted lawfully in Australia in future.


To sum up, there is a lot involved to register your marriage in Thailand.

The exact same situations are often found in other beautiful and travel friendly countries too. So why bother with all this hassle? Alternatively, enjoy a Simple Wedding

Simple Weddings arrange easy, short, legal marriage ceremonies. It costs a lot less than even the cost of a Registry Office wedding. At just $199 AUD, it is the most cost effective option in Australia and basically you can get married within just four to five weeks of scheduling.

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